Welcome to my Website!

My name is Grace.

Picture of me

I'm using this site to learn how to code while capturing my experiences as I mark items off of my bucket list. I will be adding pages to this site for each bucket list item I complete, which will capture the experience for that item in either words, images, videos, or a comboniation of each.

Items on my bucket list with (x) have been completed, but the experience needs to be captured.

Here's my bucket list:

  1. Finish one scrapbook. Finished can mean "one complete book" or "one complete topic", e.g., my trip to Salt Lake City in 2000, or Birthdays.
  2. Learn to rock climb or bolder. I don't have to move spider-like to achieve this, but I do have to understand the concepts and attempt to climb.
  3. Take a week long hiking trip, and cover at least 50 miles during that week.
  4. (x) Get lost in the wilderness and survive.
  5. Play online video game with someone, preferrably play well and with a stranger. To make this item complete, I must play for at least an hour.
  6. Play new board game with someone. New means new, not a redesign of an old game like Monopoly seems to do ever year.
  7. Learn to play a role playing game like Dungeons and Dragons. Ideally, I will also play the game.
  8. See Mumford and Sons in concert.
  9. Go to Mexico.
  10. Go to Peru.
  11. Eat guinea pig.
  12. Make meth, then flush it.
  13. Learn to scuba dive.
  14. Swim in a coral reef.
  15. Go to the Aztec temple.
  16. Join and participate in a book club for at least one book.
  17. Knit a blanket
  18. Hike in Utah.
  19. Learn to snowboard.
  20. Train a dog basic commands: sit, stay, come.
  21. Transform my son's Christmas blanket from a twin into a queen sized blanket.
  22. Fund someone’s religious mission.
  23. Refinance my house.
  24. See Staind or Aaron Lewis live.
  25. (x) Watch someone be born.
  26. Watch someone die.
  27. Save a life.
  28. Go to Disney world.
  29. Share a meal with a complete stranger, and never exchange names.
  30. See castles in Europe.
  31. Take a 50 mile canoe trip over a week.
  32. Use all my Legos and build something cool.
  33. Geocache in a place I travel too.
  34. Finish the Cem Kaner testing course. See Black Box Software Testing
  35. Finish agile coaching book.
  36. Attend a large Comicon.
  37. Attend a YouTube convention.
  38. Do something amazing.
  39. Learn risk management.
  40. Fall in love.
  41. Be the emotionally strong one in a relationship.
  42. Have sex with another person in the wilderness.
  43. Walk at least a mile on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  44. Make fire without a lighter or match.
  45. Eat something exotic in its country of origin, like fresh milk from a coconut where the coconut grew.
  46. See a location mentioned in the Harry Potter series.
  47. Visit an Irish pub, ideally when there is a national sporting event happening.
  48. Visit an English pub.
  49. Fish in Alaska.
  50. (x) See Metallica in concert.
  51. (x) Take my son on a vacation.
  52. See a penguin, polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear, alligator, crocodile, kangaroo, or giraffe in its natural habitat (not a zoo or wild life preserve).
  53. Climb a mountain.
  54. Ride a sail boat.
  55. Visit a indian reservation and had a conversation with an elder.
  56. Learn to write enough code that something works, e.g. an app, a bot, a simple function on something bigger.
  57. Reconnect with someone after 10 years of silence.
  58. Float in the Great Salt Lake.
  59. Gather sand from the Florida east coast.
  60. Gather sand from the Florida west coast.
  61. See the sun rise on the east coast.
  62. Build a rocket and set it free.
  63. Fly a kite with a friend.
  64. Visit the Inca trail.
  65. Ride a horse on the beach.
  66. Send a letter to someone who made a difference in my life. Preferably the letter will be hand written, not an email. If their work or home address is unknown, then an email will be allowed for this on.
  67. Make someone's day.
  68. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  69. Sing karaoke, at a karaoke bar while sober.
  70. Dance in the rain until I’m soaked to the bone.
  71. (x) Dance naked.
  72. See the northern lights.
  73. Plant a tree.
  74. Attend a costume party.
  75. Get a complete makeover then go out on the town with my best friend.
  76. Learn to play a song on the piano, from memory, in which I need to use both hands.
  77. Perform a karaoke song in sign language.
  78. Go on a three day road trip.
  79. Take a train ride.
  80. Pack my bags and set off to a random location with no itinerary.
  81. Visit a foreign country for at least a month.
  82. Eat sushi, aligator, frog legs, snake, or goat.
  83. Visit someplace that has four seasons, and see them all.
  84. Read a book that someone else picks for me.
  85. Volunteer for hospice.
  86. Pick a service worker or company that I think is doing a great job and inform them in an official manner.
  87. Go vegan for a month.
  88. Go raw vegan for two weeks.
  89. Learn to fold an origami crane, then fold 1,000 and give them to someone special.
  90. Concur a fear.
  91. Start a movement which I believe in.
  92. Bury the hatchet with someone from my past.
  93. Have closure on something unpleasant in my past.
  94. Do something crazy and out of character.
  95. Fly first class.
  96. Explore a cave, see a tornato, climb an active volcano, or experience a dust or sand storm.
  97. Learn how to use testing automation for a Mobil app and website.
  98. Read books my bestest mentor told me too.
  99. Learn how to be a SQA that my bestest mentor would be proud off.
  100. Mentor someone like my bestest mentor mentored me.